Team motivation

A good hotel

Choosing a good hotel for a seminar in Paris

Paris has been one of the most attractive cities globally for decades and continues to be. If you are looking for meeting rooms in Paris then you will be spoilt for choices as it has potential for business and commerce…

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amber stone

A guide to the amber gemstone

When a majority of the people are asked, they classify this mineral among other gemstones. However, you need to know that this isn’t entirely true. How so? Well, this material hails from a tree resin that fossilized over millions of…

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Team motivation: sharing and anchoring one’s vision as an entrepreneur manager

Distribute a salary to motivate. It’s good, but it’s limited. Motivate the team by behaving like a visionary leader, that’s better! This first article looks at motivating a team by sharing and anchoring its vision of the company. Motivation usually…

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Team Motivation: Encouraging self-improvement

A corporate team that goes the extra mile for its employer. A motivated team, one of whose creeds is to surpass oneself. Surpassing oneself as a source of team motivation. Do you dream of it? This article explains how to…

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Team Motivation: Increasing Team Cohesion

You want to know all about team motivation in order to motivate your troops… and succeed. Look no further! Sometimes it’s enough to create links between employees. This article gives you the details on how to motivate a team in…

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Team motivation: managing tensions, conflicts and frustrations within the team

Motivating a team in the company means anticipating conflicts between people… and managing conflicts at a high level within the team. This dossier explains how to keep the team motivated by adapting its management style. And ends with an exercise…

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Organizing an outdoor seminar: What are the advantages?

The outdoor company seminar is not a superfluous event, but a real way to strengthen the bonds between employees and managers. Organizing an outdoor seminar is an opportunity to convey a message to employees about the company’s direction, in a…

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Propose the best business animation for your employees by calling on a specialist

Employee motivation is undoubtedly the most important parameter for the prosperity of a company. A close-knit team: they are workers who will put their efforts into the proper execution of their tasks. This is why it is important to organize…

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Promotional items and corporate gifts: which ideas to choose?

The fact for a company to offer a promotional gift to its customers or employees is part of a marketing policy, which consists of interesting the recipient of the gift in terms of the importance it has in the eyes…

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Celebrate Christmas in your company by choosing the right entertainment

Christmas can be an opportunity to distribute a moment of harmony between the teams of a company. As well as the company Christmas party is an opportunity to heal conflicts and to build a famous atmosphere. It is necessary to…

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