Promotional items and corporate gifts: which ideas to choose?

The fact for a company to offer a promotional gift to its customers or employees is part of a marketing policy, which consists of interesting the recipient of the gift in terms of the importance it has in the eyes of the company. To this end, the advertising object is an important part of the company's marketing strategy. For this reason, particular care must be taken in choosing the object, so that it can please the recipient and be useful to him.

How to choose advertising objects?

The choice of an original advertising object must take into account a certain number of modalities. Ideally, it must take into account the company's objectives by integrating the gift of a personalised product into its marketing policy. In the same way, one should not lose sight of the fact that an advertising product intended for a customer or a company employee is intended not only to build loyalty, but also to strengthen and refine the company's reputation. Advertising objects are both powerful tools for internal and external communication and a reliable asset for building loyalty. They are a very appreciable unifying character. So many details that must be considered when choosing one. Moreover, the personalization of an object implies that it is chosen and thought according to the company's target. It is important that the recipient perceives the usefulness of the personalised product offered to him or her. The choice will also be made according to his profile, depending on whether he is, for example, a student, a woman, a man, a shopkeeper, a geek, a partner, the general public, a client, a sportsman or a colleague. In the same way, the advertising object is intended to transmit values, which are advocated and defended by the company.

How to customize them?

As much as it is advisable to take into account certain factors when choosing advertising objects, as many factors are necessary for its personalization. For the personalization of object, the company can consider a marking with its logo. It is however imperative to take the greatest care with this marking, so that it reflects the image of the company, and allows to reach the fixed objectives. Thus, to create personalized advertising goodies, the following points must be taken into account:
  • The surface of the marking on the object: it is imperative that in this case the adopted marking is readable by the recipient. For this, the company must be able to assess the availability of space to affix its logo and put the advertising message at the same time.
  • The marking technique: it depends on the material and the form envisaged for the promotional gift.
  • The colour of the object: Even if the possibilities in this respect are diverse, the colour of the advertising object must be in harmony with the company logo. It must indeed be in line with the graphic charter.
  • The content of the message: it must be simple, concise and easy to understand. A sentence, a slogan, contact details, it doesn't matter. The main thing is that the recipient will be able to easily understand the gift.

Goodies: when?

Although as a rule, the choice of advertising items is made according to events and in consideration of certain factors, it is important to bear in mind that the timing of the offer is also important. To this end, in a commercial approach, or when the company is looking for notoriety, it can consider offering a promotional item to a customer, prospect, employee or supplier during an appointment. After a meeting, at the end of an exchange or a workshop, the personalised product has the gift of prolonging the exchange between the company and the beneficiary of the object. During a company event for the general public, it is also possible to offer an original promotional object. Fairs and trade shows are in this sense perfect occasions to carry out this marketing operation. They are generally the traditional place for the non-targeted distribution of gifts to customers, and allow gifts to be offered to a large number of people. Major sporting, political, festive and associative events are for many people the place and the opportunity to be offered advertising objects. This is why the company has a duty to monitor these unifying gatherings and capitalise on them as much as possible. Handed over after the act of purchase, the original advertising object makes even more sense to the customer. Many customers appreciate this gesture, when it is made just after their purchase. They feel interested and are more openly thanked by the company for their loyalty. In addition, the festive season is the perfect time for the company to offer a promotional gift to every customer who makes a purchase.

Personalized gadgets and gift ideas

To its network of clients, partners, prospects, collaborators, the company can offer a personalized object as a gift guide. While some companies are in the habit of doing this at any time of the year, others prefer to focus on the festive season, and present their wishes to their targets at the same time. One of the personalized gadgets that can be given is a pen. Classic, basic, it is the most used personalized gadget by companies, and can carry their logo. In addition to the pen, the pencil is also an option. Mugs and bags with the company logo are also gift ideas that companies can also bank on. These are gifts that have the advantage of being very practical and useful in everyday life. They are long-lasting and will be very much appreciated by customers. The same goes for personalised paper placemats, advertising pins, and classic silicone key rings and bracelets. Just as useful, the bottle opener key ring and the customisable pill style will be popular with recipients.

Other gift ideas

In order to distinguish itself, the company can offer a personalized object other than those previously mentioned. An advertising pen made of recycled paper, for example, can be considered, as well as a letter opener or a schoolbag holder. Vinyl event wristbands are also objects appreciated by customers, just like a clip or pin holder. Studies have also shown that objects such as the bottle opener, the advertising pocket mirror, the personalised shopping bag, the scraper, coasters, the advertising gum, the pocket double calendar are also popular. Sunglasses, personalised backpacks, T-shirts, USB keys are also advertising objects on which companies can accentuate their communication by offering them to their customers. They have the particularity of being original objects, which will hold the attention of their recipients. In all cases, the essential thing for the company is to be able to set up an effective communication policy that will enhance its image. This necessarily involves an ingenious choice of personalised objects. Ideas that stand out from the standard are therefore welcome.
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