A detailed guide on CRM for financial services


The financial sector is highly dependent on healthy customer relations. Financial service providers need to provide their customers with the best experience by having a flawless and effective solution. Using Customer Relationship Management software for financial services is one of the ways a business can ensure it provides its customers with a personalised and streamlined experience.

Axonaut is one of the best all-in-one CRM software in the market for financial advisors. Other than its pocket-friendly prices, Axonaut is super-efficient, robust and simple. You can use it for running a small business to large companies or financial institutions.

This article focuses on what Customer Relationship Management software for financial services is, its key features and how it helps financial businesses in customer relationships.

Meaning of CRM in Finance Services

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Financial Customer Relationship Management software, in simple words, is a tool that helps financial advisors and companies manage customer relationships and interactions. Customer Relationship Management software also helps companies and financial advisors manage data and track all their activities.

As economies continue to grow, the number of Customer Relationship Management software users is set to grow correspondingly. According to Software Advice, half of Customer Relationship Management software buyers are from Insurance, Consulting, Real Estate and Distribution markets. However, there is a niche in Customer Relationship Management for financial services, and according to Denis Pombriant’s prediction, the finance market is one of the areas where Customer Relationship Management growth is set to occur.

Key Features of a Customer Relationship Management Software for Financial Services

An all-in-one CRM software has numerous key features that can help your business grow.

Document Management

Customer Relationship Management tool helps neatly organise all your documents so that they can be easily discoverable. Many Customer Relationship Management software have a feature that enables you to find a document by running a keyword or name search.

Workflow Automation

Some repetitive tasks such as data entry, sending out emails and follow-up emails and capturing lead information can be tiring and boring. As a financial advisor, Customer Relationship Management for financial services frees your time from doing such tiring tasks and allows you to focus on strategising.

Reporting and Analytics

Data, identity patterns and numbers play a crucial role in the business and financial service world. A financial Customer Relationship Management software captures data, analyses it and reports on the findings. Sales teams use these insights to track and analyse their overall performance, convert leads into sales and be ahead of their competitors.

Scheduling and Calendar

The best Customer Relationship Management software for financial services has a time management feature. A good time management feature helps schedule future events and send reminders for future appointments and events.

Built-in Calling

It can be challenging to operate a phone on one hand and a laptop on the other. Most people are poor at multitasking. Built-in calling feature eliminates the need to use a computer and a phone at the same time. With this feature, you can use your financial Customer Relationship Management software to initiate and end calls. In addition to that, this integrated auto-dialer can record calls, display previous calls and connect a customer with the right sales representative.

Benefits of Customer Relationship Management Software for Financial Services

Deep Business Insights

Good Customer Relationship Management software can capture and analyse data. A financial advisor or any other person with the knowledge to interpret this data can then use the data to get deeper insights into the performance of the business. A Customer Relationship Management tool can also help capture past sales mistakes and successes. With this data, you can run your business better and streamline your financial service to customers.

Lead Management

A financial services Customer Relationship Management software keeps an eye on potential clients and their online behaviour to identify the kind of financial solutions they want. After identifying hot leads, Customer Relationship Management software can then help you contact them at the right time with a targeted message and convert them to loyal customers. A good Customer Relationship Management software like does not let leads go to waste.

Improved Customer Experience

The experience your customers get with your firm plays can either push them away or turn them into loyal customers. With financial services, you will attract many customers if you show them you are trustworthy. Customer Relationship Management solutions for financial services can help improve client relationships.

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