Corporate coaching

Knowledge Management, to the rescue of companies!

In case of an audit, it’s a pain in the ass! The auditor always has to look for the black beast. He asks for the document you don’t have on hand when you’ve already spent a month completing the rest…

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Performance management: piloting instead of controlling

Apparently, a company must have an objective to achieve in its operating activity and in its development process. This can be defined with the help of strategic action plans initially designed by the promoter at the time of its creation….

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Coaching in companies: executive coaching and coaching of managers

Coaching is important to the company to increase the knowledge of the trained people. Training can be individual or collective. Coaching is a role with several stakes, it is then important to know how to do it for staff, managers…

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What is coaching-management?

The practice of coaching-management is essential to consolidate the effectiveness of a leader. It consists of coaching sessions enabling managers to optimise their relational capacities and their efficiency. The importance of the practice of coaching-management The manager is a responsible…

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The manager coach in a company: the keys to successful implementation

Management today is evolving.  With change as well as the desire for innovation, large companies are increasingly thinking about reinventing themselves in a modern way. In order to quickly reach objectives and to become even more collective, every company uses…

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