Organizing an outdoor seminar: What are the advantages?

The outdoor company seminar is not a superfluous event, but a real way to strengthen the bonds between employees and managers. Organizing an outdoor seminar is an opportunity to convey a message to employees about the company's direction, in a more convivial setting in the great outdoors. But what are the advantages of an outdoor seminar for a company?

Strengthening the corporate culture with an outdoor seminar

Outdoor activities help to strengthen the corporate culture. Indeed, it is an opportunity for an employee to learn from the best to rectify mistakes, can be costly and even destroy the company, before being able to move forward. It is also an opportunity for all employees to get to know each other and share their personal experiences within the company. In addition, with the open-air seminar, companies will be able to choose between several themes. Sports competitions on the water such as kayaking, on land such as mountain bike races or on foot are possible. This in order to increase the employees' taste for competition. Workshops or mini-conferences can also be organized with speakers specialized in corporate coaching. Animations such as karaoke, dance or flash mob competitions can also be on the program. Other organizers prefer to make original animations such as survival in the wilderness or in the mountains.

The different types of outdoor seminars

Group outings in the wilderness for a company have the advantage of strengthening cohesion through several seminars. Firstly, continuing education seminars for all employees and managers with the intervention of professionals from outside the company. For new employees who have completed their probationary period, for example, integration seminars are possible during these outdoor outings. The aim of this integration is to facilitate contact between new and old employees. Other seminars are also possible in order to strengthen cohesion, or to improve the productivity of the employees for example through management seminars. For the company's executives, management seminars are organised specifically to take stock of the company, the profits and losses of the past year. But as a rule, the aim of an open-air seminar is to enable all employees to socialize, to communicate freely with the managers, to exchange on various topics such as ways to boost employee productivity. It is also an opportunity to recharge one's batteries in the great outdoors.

The open-air seminar, a way to participate in environmental protection

The organization of outdoor seminars is an opportunity to raise employee awareness of environmental issues affecting the planet. Seminars on the recycling of household products or those used in offices can be held to make employees aware of their responsibility to use recyclable garbage cans. In addition, relaxing in the great outdoors is ideal for coping with the stress and burnout of working in an urban environment. In conclusion, a company that organizes outdoor seminars will be able to take advantage of an outstanding place, whose goal is to improve production, the sociability of the employees between themselves and the executives. Nature is the ideal place to recharge the batteries both physically and intellectually after months of hard work. The well-being of employees will ensure the smooth running and sustainability of the company's activities in the long term.
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