Management: how to become a bad company manager?

This management dossier offers you advice on how to become a bad business manager, or a bad business leader. Knowing them, one is better able to avoid all these management mistakes! In your previous professional life, have you ever had a bad manager/executive director? In doing so, when you set up your company, you try to do everything possible to avoid making the same management mistakes again. By knowing how to become a bad manager... you can probably avoid mistakes and know how to become a good manager! What are the bad practices of a manager or company director? How to become a bad leader?

The leader forgets mistakes

Mistakes are "forgotten" by the wrong business leader. Forgotten is an understatement. In fact, they stay in the corner of his head. And can come out to the people who made the mistake at any time. Good way to make a name for yourself by crushing the people on the team. The carrot-and-stick technique, in a nutshell!

The manager considers the staff as robots (or buddies).

Employees are like robots. They're not really people: "employees are there to work! Not to socialize... so why ask them how are they, how are the kids?" We spend at least a third of a day at work. So yes, work is a means of socialization! Taking an interest in the team develops, among other things, leadership skills and empathy. Conversely, the wrong leader may consider employees as buddies. He thus loses credibility due to a lack of distance. Why not if everything is going well, on the other hand it becomes more difficult to lead when there are problems. The middle way is still difficult to find...

The leader is inaccessible

The employees know that you are the leader of the company. The boss. That you work up there, at the top of your tower, meditating on ways to become Master of the World. The concern is that to succeed, the fundamentals of the company must be solid: a team that works well, have the ability to detect problems, have the ability to find solutions, make something new. And simply be legitimate as a leader. The leader gains legitimacy when he is close to the work of the employees.

The leader doesn't listen: he talks

You become a business leader by talking. Not by listening. When employees get promoted, they will be able to talk too. For the moment, it's your turn, since you're the business leader. You realize that if you don't listen to the team, you're not in a position to lead them properly. For example: how do you know if there are problems in the company if you don't want to listen?

The leader is never wrong, he doesn't make mistakes

The wrong leader is never wrong. It is others who are wrong: employees, customers, competitors, the dark side of the moon, and so on. However, if a mistake is made, the bad leader always finds someone to blame. Business is about risk. The two are inseparable! But the bad leader has "forgotten" it because he or she forgets the mistakes. The leader is at the very top of the company: he should be the first person to be held responsible if a mistake is made.

What is the central element of a bad business leader?

These factors reveal a distortion of reality on the part of the business leader: as if the leader took the present and the future as the company's assets. That is to say, passively protecting the existing rather than being an actor in a fluctuating market. Remember this if you don't already have employees: it's the customers and employees who pay your salary! Do you know other factors common to bad company managers? Or stories of bad management style?
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